'Sleek and Modern'


  • 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas
  • Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive
  • Diamond polished edges
  • Supplied ready to hang with an aluminium subframe
  • Hi-definition 12 colour printing
  • Inks certified for 100+ years

Acrylics are sleek and modern. Made using a combination of specially selected materials and our skilled craftsmen, our HD Acrylics are truely unique and designed to bring out the best colour rendition & sharpness possible. Bonded using the finest UK made fine art adhesive your images are fully UV protected & sealed to last a lifetime.


They are available either unframed or with a floating tray frame or if you really want to make a statement go for a unique circular acrylic.



Tray Framed Acrylic

Our HD Acrylic is inset into a custom made wooden tray frame with an 8mm surround.  The edges of the acrylic are completely visible giving the illusion that it is suspended  within the frame. This is an ideal product for  those wanting the contemporary benefits  of the HD Acrylic but need it to sit within a  framed environment. Available in black, white, dark brown or natural. 




Unframed and Circular Acrylics

Both the rectangular and circular acrylics are supplied on an aluminium sub-frame which gives the effect of them floating a small distance from the wall.



Tray Framed Acrylic

12x8”       £160

18x12”     £260

24x16”     £385

30x20”     £495

Round Acrylic      

12”     £195

20”     £295

30”     £425

40”     £595

Unframed Acrylic

12x8”       £145

18x12”     £185

24x16”     £245

30x20”     £360