Facetime Newborn Sessions

Prep Guide


The Best Light

The key to taking beautiful photos is finding the best light. The best light is soft light - hard light will produce harsh shadows. Ideally you want a nice big window, without direct sunlight coming in, so this will probably be a a north facing window or if it is cloudy a south facing window.

If you have any net curtains or very thin white fabric it might be worth hanging this in the window to make the light even softer.

If your only big window has some direct sunlight shining in then try to find a spot out of the sunlight.

Please make sure any lights in the room are off.

I am happy to help you find the best location via facetime if you are unsure.


Things You Will Need

  • Something to put your baby on - A large sofa cushion on the floor would work well but if your best window is in the bedroom then you could use the bed.
  • A heater. Babies sleep better when it is nice and warm. I usually aim to have my studio at around 25 degrees and you should aim to have it this warm if you want to get any naked shots. You might need to put your central heating on and use a small fan heater (NEVER pointed directly at baby!!)
  • Towels or waterproof bed sheet - if you want to do any without a nappy on then you will need these to protect your bed/cushion.
  • A plain white baby grow and/or a plain white vest. Any other cute outfits (not necessary)
  • White noise - this will happy baby relax and stay asleep. There are apps available if you don't already have one. I use one called White Noise Baby (conch shell)
  • A white sheet 
  • Blankets & throws. Muted/neutral colours are best if you have a choice and textures look great.
  • Sheepskin rug if you have one.
  • A black or dark towel/blanket/shawl if you have one.
  • Scarfs/shawls or strips of fabric. Ideally un-patterned and the longer the better. 
  • A few small hand towels.
  • A dummy if you are using one or don't mind using one just to get them settled for the photos.
  • A camera or phone and another mobile devices for doing the video call.


Setting Up

  • If using a sofa cushion, clear a space near your window so that there is plenty of space for you to walk all around the cushion when it is on the floor. 
  • Turn your central heating on and/or have another little heater ready.
  • Layer two towels (or waterproof sheets) on your sofa cushion making sure there are no wrinkles.
  • Add another layer or two of nice snuggly blankets. Colour of these does not matter as we will top with other blankets/sheets.
  • Roll the small towels into thin sausages (these may be needed when posing the baby)


Getting Baby Ready

We will set a rough time for the start of your session. Don't worry if you can't stick to this. Give me a call before you start feeding so I know how you are getting on.

Make sure your room is nice and warm.

Babies sleep best when they have a full tum. Strip them down to their nappy before you feed them so that they are ready to go once you have finished feeding. Take your time to give them a nice big feed. If they wee/poo change them so they fall asleep in a clean nappy.

It will be much easier to photography your baby once they are in a nice deep sleep. Some babies will be super sleepy straight after a feed but if not just give them lots of cuddles. We can stop and start the facetime if you need to feed or have a break.


The 'Rules'

Don't worry too much about this bit as I will talk you through it but there are a few key things to think about. When you are positioning baby you want their head to be towards the window so that the light is shining down their face and not up their nose. This will produce more attractive shadows that we are used to seeing (sun shines down on us!)

When taking photos the angle that you take them from is important. You will normally be taking them from above but sometimes I may ask you to move about quite a bit to get more interesting shots. Generally you want to avoid taking photos from foot end - their head should be the closest thing to the camera.

If you are using a 'real' camera and you know how to control the aperture then you want a nice wide aperture (low f-number) and you always want to focus on their closest eye. Most phone cameras will also allow you to select your focus point by tapping on the screen. If you can set the camera to take RAW photos then please do. Otherwise select the highest resolution and highest quality jpeg.



Here are a few examples of simple poses we can try. All these can also be done with them in baby grows.